Not So Great Expectations

Today was one of those days that you expect very little of, but actually get a lot from.  My low expectations were based on the fact that we’ve had a very busy weekend.  There was the country show on Saturday, then yesterday it was community lunch, followed by an afternoon watching a turma (a cavalry unit in the Roman army) display in Carlisle,

Turma 018

followed by lots of climbing frame and sandy fun in a playpark, resulting in two very tired children (and parents, to be fair).  A weekend of exhaustion usually leads to a rather cranky Monday.  But not today.

The sun has been shining, which always improves everyone’s mood anyway, we had to go up to the farm to water the tomatoes and cucumber and so the boy went on his bike and the girl went on her scooter.  Normally when they want to ride up to school I say no, as I’d be left trying to bring both bike and scooter home, but as we were all walking there and back there was no reason they couldn’t ride – so I think that was a plus point for me from quite early on.


They also seemed in high spirits about the fact that we were going to the dentist (strange I know), and the dentist trip went really well for them – both managed not to bite the dentist, not one tear was shed AND they got a sticker at the end of it (unfortunately I got no sticker).

Despite the dentist visit my mood was also pretty high as I’d managed to get somewhere I’d never been before without the sat nav in the car, which I always think makes me the best driver in the whole world, and so I treated them both to lunch out (also partly because I couldn’t be bothered to go home, make lunch, watch it not get eaten and then clean up the mess).

Once home (again without one wrong turn, go me!) I realised I was supposed to be spending the afternoon mowing the lawn, not scoffing the kids’ left over cakes (they had refused to share one, but both only ate the icing, so I was left with two soggy cupcakes. I could, of course, have left them, but I don’t like waste).  So out came the mower and, miracle of miracles (choirs of angels may have been singing) the children actually played.  With each other.  Without fighting.

Whilst mowing, there were a couple of incidents involving some Large Yellow Underwing moths, they suddenly appeared, flapped a bit erratically after I’d ran the mower over them (in my defence, I didn’t know they were hiding in the grass – and it was three separate occasions, not a huddle of moths).  I am ashamed, and a bit embarrassed, to admit I’m quite scared of moths, I don’t like their flappy, flightiness (I also have an issue with butterflies, and especially with daddy long legs).  However, I also don’t like to see things in distress and so I thought “pull yourself together”, and each time I picked the moths up, and moved them to somewhere I thought they might be safe from the chickens and the mower.  By the final moth saviour moment, I actually took the time to get a good look at it, and appreciate the weight of the moth and the little tickle of its feet on my hand – that sounds a bit weird and moth fetishy, I can assure you it wasn’t like that.  Unfortunately there is no photographic evidence as I didn’t have my camera / phone with me, because I was mowing the lawn, not expecting picture perfect moments.

As if that wasn’t enough, once the mowing was done and I’d headed inside, I looked out to see the cat had brought us a ‘present’, I watched to see if he’d already killed it and thankfully he hadn’t, and the little mouse scarpered with Ernie hot on his heels.  Ernie managed to catch it again, but I had just picked one of the girls soft toys up to take upstairs and so headed outside and chucked the soft toy at Ernie and grabbed what turned out to be a small mouse (I also had to fend off a, far too interested, chicken).  A quick look over him turned up no visible injury and so I headed off up the lane with my new friend to release him somewhere hopefully a bit safer.  The stroll also gave me a chance to have more of a look over him, a bit of a stroke, and to pass on some advice about avoiding the cats and chickens in the future.

Dentist 02
Not 100% but think you might be able to still see the gape, not the best quality picture sorry


AND on top of all that I am pretty sure I saw my first fledgling swallow today.  I think.  So all in all, a very good day, I think I might place an order for another one of those tomorrow (though the mice and moths might want a bit of a rest).


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