For the Love of Art

Escape to the Barn

Many, many moons ago, before I had met J, when I still lived in York, I took myself off to Whitby for the day.  Whilst there, I chanced to walk by the window of an art gallery, and in the window was an oil painting that stopped me in my tracks.  It was of a shopping street in a city, in winter, the rain was falling, the lights from the shops were shining, people had umbrellas in glorious colours.  It totally mesmerized me.  I looked at the price tag and walked on, I could have afforded it, but I was supposed to be travelling to New Zealand to see a friend, and so needed the money for that.  But that picture drew me like a Magnet, and I walked past it many times that afternoon, procrastinating over whether I should buy it or not, I even got so far…

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