A Fun Size Bounty

Over the last couple of days we have received our first bounty from the garden.  Well, I say bounty…we’ve had 4 small carrots, three broad bean pods, 2 beetroots and a cucumber from the greenhouse, but still, it’s a start.

Nature walk 013

The carrots were really more thinnings than actual final crop, to be honest I have been a little negligent of our carrots in a tub, I sowed them, put them out of the chickens reach, watered and left them to it.  I should have thinned them ages ago, but they all looked so healthy I just didn’t want to.  Unfortunately I’m paying for it now, as we have lots of greens and not really huge amounts going on under the soil – however the four we picked (only one was left for the picture) were very tasty, and eaten raw pretty much straight from the tub.

The cucumber was also half devoured by the time the picture was taken.  I’ve never grown cucumber before (as until about a year ago I had a deep, deep, deep dislike of it), so I just assumed they would taste like cucumbers from the shop, and I have been pleasantly surprised.  The skin is much softer and the taste is much nicer, though I’m not sure the boy is convinced as he declared “It’s not as crunchy as normal ones”.

As for the rest of the patch, well the broad beans are doing well after the initial issue with little ant farmers and their blackfly herd, and lots of beans are appearing (I think the three pods picked must have just been fast growers).

Nature walk 022

The kalettes and cabbages are looking promising.

Nature walk 021

The beetroots have done well and the courgettes are finally starting to appear.

Nature walk 020

However the peas, the poor, poor peas.

Nature walk 019

I really don’t know what’s happened to them but they’ve basically not grown since they went in, and now seem to be in the process of dying.  I’d assumed that the soil just wasn’t rich enough for them, but having had a quick google it seems it could also be some sort of soil borne fungus, I think further investigation may be needed.

Due to how long it took to finish off the patch the runners went it really late, I’ve still got my fingers crossed we’ll get something from them as they do seem to be growing, but not as quickly as I’d like.

Nature walk 017

I think the dream of sweetcorn will have to go on hold for another year.  Though I do have some seedlings coming through and so might just put them in for the hell of it to see what happens.

There is still a pretty much unplanted area (save for an apple tree and some suspiciously dead looking raspberry canes) at the end of the patch.

Nature walk 018
Nope, not bamboo canes, these are supposedly raspberry canes

So over the next couple of days I am going to try and get something in there, I’m going to try radish and some more beetroot as they’re fairly fast growers, but also have a look through my seeds to see if there’s anything else it’s worth having a shot at.  As far as a bumper crop goes though, I think I might be waiting until next year for that (unless I can find some recipes for thistles).



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