Photo Challenge: Days 150 to 152

First off I should admit, this wasn’t actually taken the day it should have been taken.  HOWEVER this is what the photo from day 150 would have been if I’d got around to it, so I think it still counts.  This is the schedule from the show I shall be entering, and I will be entering one of the classes on this page – along with two friends, just to add to the sense of competition.  I’ll leave you to guess which one it’ll be.

Day 150

Yesterday’s picture is of some rather soggy ground elder, thankfully this isn’t growing in our garden and is just along the lane.

Day 151

And finally today’s picture is of a couple of mushrooms that are growing up near school, which I tell the children not to touch (on a daily basis) as I’m not exactly sure what they are / whether they are poisonous.  From a bit of googling they could be some sort of russula.

Day 152


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