Is it That Time Already?

As I sit and write this, surrounded by twinkly lights, a Christmas pudding (very) slowly steaming away on the hob, jars of freshly made mincemeat on the worktop, I cannot deny that Christmas is very nearly upon us.

In fact to do so would be ridiculous, on a level of ridiculous that can only be matched by a lyric from what I consider to be one of the most dire Christmas songs in existence, The Feelings, Feels like Christmas which contains the immortal line “Is it Christmas, or am I just going insane?”. Anyway I digress, Christmas is clearly almost upon us (unless I actually am insane and this is some bizarre coma dream), the days are getting shorter and the list of jobs to be done continues to grow.

You’d think that my, mostly, workless state would mean that I was on top of everything; that all jobs are well in hand. But I seem to spend all my time rushing from one thing to another, never really getting anything done properly, including walking the dog, which Bob’s reproachful glances are a constant reminder of. He now skulks about the house, finding balls to drop at my feet so I can trip over them perhaps attempting to teach me a lesson / threaten me about what happens when he feels neglected.

Much of my time though is not spent at home, I’ve been back working at the farm for a few hours a week in addition to the calf feeding at the dairy farm, I’m also trying to fit in some gardening for my recently relocated mother in law – and keep promising we will get around to the decorating when the spare time I think is just around the corner, finally arrives. I’ve also painted our hall and downstairs loo, which is now looking much smarter and less mud spattered than before, I think my efforts also shamed J into finally sorting out the coat rack which he’d put together from a bit of donated oak and some old bolts which we’d dug out of the veg patch last year. Shortly after being put together it fell apart and so has been out of use for a while, but finally it is up and repaired, and looking quite lovely.

Christmas 2018 03

Bob and I did get to venture out last week to collect greenery to decorate the hall for the school Christmas fair, in my head it was going to be a lovely wander collecting holly and ivy and feeling all festive, in reality the wind was howling, the rain was falling and Bob was trying to steal everything out of the bags. However once in the hall it definitely added a lovely festive feel, and I even have left overs to get around to decorating our gates with, when the wind and rain finally abates and gives it all a chance of staying on the gate for more than a couple of minutes.

The house is looking suitably seasonal, as we put the decorations up last weekend, I was a bit concerned about myself when putting the tree up as I realised I wasn’t in the bad mood that usually accompanies decorating the house for Christmas, in fact I would go so far to say I was jolly.

Thankfully this strange turn of events only lasted a few hours, and the ensuing bad mood was not improved by realising we hadn’t yet purchased this year’s bottle of Croft Original (a glass of which I believe is obligatory when putting decorations up), and I had to make do with, what I consider to be, an inferior glass of Harveys Bristol Cream.

Whilst writing this Bob has moved on from dropping balls in my lap to sitting in a chair and staring at me forlornly and so I shall wrap this up (pardon the festive pun) and venture out into the rain, warmed by the knowledge that I have, at least briefly, updated the blog – another job vaguely ticked off the list.


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