Now, where was I…

Well, it seems to have been a while since I was here last. But of course, life just goes on and nothing ever really changes does it? Which is usually the case, except 2020 seemed to throw out all the rule books, though not before drawing rude bits and comedy moustaches on all the pictures, and then setting the books on fire, and then finally disposing of the charred ashes down a toilet.

This time last year no one could really have predicted what 2020 had in store for us, and although I keep thinking 2021 couldn’t really be any worse, I don’t want to tempt fate, and so I am just settling for it being, different.

Though in many ways, for us, it was sort of the same too, as, if you’re lucky, life does go on and I think something 2020 has taught us, is we can be a surprisingly adaptable and resilient species, which is funny really as we still can’t vote the right way in elections / referendums (yes, still bitter about that). Anyways, life at the barn did go on, I am now working full time at a dairy farm, which is why the blog posts dried up – I discovered farmers don’t just whinge about tiredness because they enjoy complaining, it’s because being a full time farmer is actually knackering. I now spend my days driving JCB’s and little skid steer things, and as it’s winter pushing about an awful lot of cow poo. As a farmer once told me, it isn’t glamourous, but I still love it.

We also got another dog, her name is Nell, she is a tri-coloured short haired collie, looks very much like Bob, but is a complete eejit. If you throw food for Nell it will first smack her in the face, gently roll down her face, hit the floor, before she even attempts to eat it. She terrorises the cats, chews everything, and looks a bit like Dobby the house elf, but she’s ours, and is finally starting to grow into her ears. Bob is very long suffering, and to his credit, I only occasionally catch sight of him staring at me, as if to ask what was so wrong with our life before.

Anyways that is a very brief update of our life, I am going to leave it there, maybe so you want more, probably because I’m trying to fit this in around everything else and to prove to myself I can be busy, and keep up with a blog.

A very happy new year to you. Let’s hope 2021 is different to 2020, in a good way x

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