About me


I’m Catherine and this is my first proper blog, so bear with me.  My family and I have recently given up everything and moved across from the North East to the beautiful land of Cumbria in search of a slower pace of life, where we can let the kids run wild and enjoy trying out some proper country living.  I’m not always the best mum, shout more than I should, sometimes behave more petulantly than the kids and so I also want to learn to relax a little, remind myself when they cover themselves head to toe in mud this is what we wanted, wild muddy children.

Since moving at the start of August we’re now the proud keepers of eleven chickens, have the most patient farmers in the world for neighbours (who we constantly ask stupid questions and they don’t make us feel like total idiots) and can confirm we’re pretty flaming pleased with ourselves.  Yes, we don’t have jobs yet, yes we don’t own a house…but it will come.

On this blog I’ll be writing about craft projects I’m working on, hedgerow recipes I’m trying,  keeping chickens, cats and kids and anything else that happens along the way.

Thanks for joining me on the adventure


PS All images, errors or omissions are my own